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The day my president liked my tweet without realizing I was making fun of him… [update] until I realized it wasn’t his twitter account

Happy St Patty’s Day! Let’s get right to it.

I’ve been trying to establish a social media presence for my “Ben Franklin for President” campaign for a while. I didn’t know how to just start tweeting about any and everything because I still have an aversion to assuming people care about my opinions (#facebookstatus).

Since I had no idea on what to tweet about, I decided to do the obvious: troll and reply.

Brietbart News and Donald Trump were perfect targets since I disagree with them.

Donald Trump sent a generic tweet today to celebrate his Irish brethren:

Noting the irony, I then tweeted in response:

Not noticing the irony, his twitter feed, @realDonaldTrump, liked the tweet. (I guess that he really wants people to remember the rough times he’s gone through as a billionaire Irishmen born with a silver spoon up his ass.)

I then received a message from whoever his communication director is for the account:

To which I responded:

Of course at this point his twitter account has probably blocked me. But another example of his narcissism and defiance has shown through. I expect this level of frustrating defiance to come from my teenagers at school when they fall into the petty squabbles that are typical of school. But this man is our President.

Frankly, I doubt anyone will read this because we are all exhausted. This is not a new revelation. This is the new fucked up normal. And we can’t seem to do anything about it because of the lack of conviction from members of his own party and the total conviction of his jaded-to-the-media support base.

So I’m going to continue trolling him until I figure out how to truly help effectively change our situation…

Oh, by the way, that free gift that I was given for supporting him?

What. An. Asshole.

[Update] welp turns out I was wrong about the account. I overlooked the fact that the account was actually @realDonaldTjump, subtly replacing an “r” with a “j”…. meaning that there is a crazy idiot pretending to be a famous American and making political statements based on their own account (see: @franklin4prez). 

This sucks for two reasons. 

1) it means that I had the most successful blog post I’ve ever written based off of a misread.

2) it just showed me how easy it is to create fake news. The temptation to stay quiet on the revelation once I made it was so strong that I initially said nothing. But considering I’m a huge opponent of all types of fake news and manipulation, I had to say something.

So in the end, we thought we had another example of the ignorance of our leader but instead we end with a lesson on how easy it is to deceive the masses.

No wonder ignorance is bliss…

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