Life and Times of the Philly O.G.

“Franklin – Philly’s O.G.”

The Rap Tour

Hello, again, America! Ben Franklin’s the name! While it may seem a bit odd to be in communication with me through your computer screen, I’m excited to announce that I’ve been brought back to life thanks to your modern science. After reading your “history” books and catching myself up on contemporary culture, I’ve decided it’s time for me to set my record straight about my life in the folksiest way possible: through a tour consisting of amazing rap lyrics.

When are the tours?

Every Saturday beginning. from 10 am – 12 pm starting JUNE 10th!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on the Philly Official Guide website at:


Philly Tour Hub

229 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

What Can I Expect?

  1. Meet Ben Franklin, printer. Learn from the man famous for both his deeds and his writings… and his writings about his deeds.
  2. Try not to smile as Young Franklin raps his way through narratives of his early life in Boston and Philadelphia in a thoroughly concise and wickedly impressive display of language and “SWAG”.
  3. Understand the complexities of his rise through the help of visual aids as Bennie Boy guides you through the expansive web of businesses and projects he had made before the age of 42.
  4. Uncover the socio-political landscape of the American Revolution through scholarly details of the important figures and events.
  5. Become “Enlightened” as Ben provides pearls of wisdom on human nature and its impact on our cherished fundamental values that created our nation.


Ben Franklin is back and he is going to completely alter your perspective on history!

Walk around Young Franklin’s stomping grounds as he tells you an inspiring tale of his meager beginning. Soak in the history as you step over the cobblestones of Arch Street Meetinghouse and Franklin Court, you will be treated to entertaining and viciously informative raps which will Enlighten you about Ben’s views on religion, politics, society, and so much more! As you continue through Old City, you will learn about the beginnings of the American Revolution at Carpenter’s Hall, where the First Continental Congress was held. Ben will guide you through this tumultuous period as he literally guides you towards Independence Hall. In front of the Liberty Bell you will learn about the famous figures and events that surrounded the American Revolution and the Framing of the U.S. Constitution. In front of his grave you will hear his final thoughts on his own legacy, but don’t be sad because, remember, he’s the one guiding your tour.


About the Man Behind the Britches

For the last three years, Chris Kuncio has been a 12th grade English teacher at a charter school – in historic Old City Philadelphia – where he has incorporated hip-hop and poetry often into lessons, particularly for Vocabulary practice. Through his use of rap, as well as his knowledge of it, he has been able to engage and connect with his students, including coaching the school’s slam poetry in the city’s thriving Youth Poetry Slam League. Simultaneously, Chris has been researching and writing historical walking tours about the great American folk-hero, Benjamin Franklin. Through his research and writings, he immersed himself into the character and began giving tours portraying the youthful version of Franklin. Combining his knowledge of the subject with his creativity in the classroom, he created a historical rap tour to rival the “Alexander Hamilton Musical”. He intends on developing this tour company into a new outlet for all learners to engage with history.



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